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Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones – Are they Good or Bad?

Is it good to be stuck in our 'Comfort Zones?' It's common to…
I'm only human

The meaning of “I’m only human!”

What do we mean when we say 'I'm only human! 'I'm only human!'…

Is Regret Part of Your Life?

Do you live with regret? I was in my mastermind group recently…

Allowing Yourself to be Supported

Do you allow yourself to be supported? Do you allow yourself…

Are Judgements Useful?

Does making judgements help us? This blog came about because…
How does clutter affect our mindset?

How Clutter Affects Our Mindset

How does clutter affect people's mindset? Last week we were…
Using Loops

Using Loops – Good or Bad?

Do you use loops? - Is it good or bad for us? I got out of…
Know your identity

How Do you Know Your Identity?

Know your Identity and who you really are Knowing who we are,…
Work Efficiently

When is the Best Time to Work Effectively?

When is the Best Time to Work You know how it feels, when…

Crossroads. Don’t be cross, be excited!

A crossroads is about change. It is a time to choose between…

Do You Have Internal Conflict? This is one of the causes

One of the most common causes for internal conflict is something…

Don’t stress it!

Stress is extremely common. It can have physical and psychological…