The meaning of “I’m only human!”

I'm only human

I’m only human after all!

What do we mean when we say ‘I’m only human!

‘I’m only human!’ It’s a brilliant song by Rag & Bone Man – I really like it.  But what does it mean?

It’s the sort of thing we say when we feel we are not perfect and we are justifying some sort of behaviour.

So I thought I’d look up a little bit more about perfection. Apparently 30% of the population really want to be 100% perfect. 87% of gifted humans, whatever ‘gifted humans’ means, do perfection really well. The people who are looking for perfection are looking for an ideal relationship, and ideal mate. They want to be flawless and have a great body. They want to do their business perfectly.

However, what we don’t see is that they are struggling underneath to get this perfection. They are just aspiring to it.

Sometimes striving to be perfect can be a blessing because it lifts your mood and it helps you to achieve things but generally I think it is a painful trap.

Watch this week’s video to find more about the affects of striving to be perfect

I get quite a lot of clients coming to me who perhaps have been brought up to aspire to perfection by their parents.

I always remember one client coming to see me and she used to get 97% in her exams when she was young. Her parents used to say what happened to the 3%?  She was then constantly trying to be perfect for the rest of her life and it just wasn’t working.  She got caught in that painful trap.

It’s almost like their self worth is dependent on that perfectionism.

If you know someone who does this or you do it yourself, ask yourself when did you decide everything has to be perfect. Who decides what perfect is anyway. What’s perfect for one person may not be perfect for another.

So, I just want to ask you can we simply accept that everyone is different. That you are worthy, that it’s ok to be you and to tell people that you are going to be you, and it’s ok to surround yourself with people that don’t expect you to be perfect all the time.

So – ditch the perfectionism. Know that you are only human and if you need some help in doing that then get in touch because I do breakthroughs with people where we just get rid of that perfection and you can be you, doing whatever you want to do in life.

Until next week

Dr Bridget- helping  you to lead a life where you are yourself and happy with that.

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Perfectionism – What Causes it and How To Stop Doing It

Perfectionism – understanding how it happens



It doesn’t work

It’s been a really interesting day – I’ve been meaning to write this for some time as it’s a common problem –  perfectionism! And here’s what happened to me today that links to this prescription:

I’ve recently discovered Blab which is a SM channel to do talks and interviews and the lady that helped me to write my book – Jacquie Malpass – wanted to interview me about  my book and new course (Blatant plug coming up –

Anyway, we started with half an hour to spare and the sound didn’t work and the video was intermittent and neither of us had much idea about how to use it – we have learned from this experience, honest! We eventually started 20 minutes late and really enjoyed the experience! We had 18 people on the call, shared some information about my book, my course and my services and also did a live coaching session with someone that wanted to earn a large amount of money by providing financial advice to older people and couldn’t start his marketing. He was saying that he couldn’t find the right person, he didn’t have the right strategy so he couldn’t start. Wow – how timely!

It also takes me back to the videographers in the community that tell me I’m doing my business harm by putting out sub-standard videos. Maybe I am, but my purpose is to help everyone to reach their full potential and that would take a lot of money  to reach everyone! If I took notice of my imperfections, I tend to get stuck!

What causes perfectionism?

  • Events from the past where we’ve been criticized or things have gone wrong or we have been embarassed
  • Wish to live up to people’s expectations and even mind-reading what they expect
  • Thinking that we are not good enough
  • A fear of failure or of success
  • Not being ourselves
  • Negative people around us


So what are the solutions?

  • Surround yourself with A people – your true supportersst
  • Be confident about your Big Why – what are you doing the activity for?
  • Let go of any past events that make you worry about failure or success – it’s disabling and you can get very stuck and lose confidence and money!
  • Develop an empowering belief that connects you to your why – your purpose
  • Set some empowering goals
  • Just start and learn from the experience – after all, you are depriving people from getting to know you or your services and benefit from them


Here’s a set of 4 questions that you may have heard me use before that clarify the consequences of your behaviour.

  1. What would happen if you did take action?
  2. What would happen if you didn’t take action?
  3. What wouldn’t happen if you did take action?
  4. What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t take action?

Write down the answers to the above questions, ask yourself if you need help to move on and get in touch with me if you do!

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Here’s to Imperfect Action!

Dr Bridget