How Your Environment Affects your Reality


Chaos or not?


I’m known for being slightly disorganised, although not as much as in the picture. And for some reason I allow my environment to be less than useful and don’t do anything about it. This means that my results could be improved if I made a change. Does this apply to you as well, or are you fully in control of your environment?

Robert Dilts – a well known NLP Master Trainer, had a series of tools that allowed us to say at what level change is needed in order to get the results that we want. Environment is one of those levels and it can be about what is around you or the people that are around you. Its a pretty empowering level to make changes at – well it would certainly be empowering for me to change at this level. This is because my behaviour around my environment doesn’t fit with my knowledge and skills, my values and beliefs, or my identity or purpose.  I’m out of line!

Have a watch of the video below and then read further on to see if  you need to change your environment at all.

A positive environment  is different for everyone- it can be chaotic and disorganised and people will be very happy in it or it can be minimalist and they can be unhappy. It also includes the people around you.

My values for my business (click here if you want to work yours out) are determination, self care, fun and making a difference and the disorganisation that I have around me is not helpful in any way. I have people around me that are supportive and positive which is a very helpful environment in that sense.

Have a think about your surroundings and work out if they fit with who you are, what’s important to you  and will get you the results that you want. If not, then do something about it!

I’m happy to have a chat about it if you don’t know how to change your results, so click here to make an appointment or send me a message.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – helping you reflect on your environment.




How to Enjoy Every Minute of Your Life


Enjoy every minute

Hello! I really enjoy doing weekly prescriptions for you – its about me enjoying every minute of my life and helping you to do the same. After all, we only have One Life and if you’re not enjoying yours, I am here to help you sort that out ( if you are committed to making a change of course- its amazing how many people know they need to make a change and don’t take any action).

To me, enjoyment is about alignment and this blog is about enabling you to make changes where you need to. Robert Dilts has given us a model to help make these changes which is called neurological levels. The basis of this is that you can make changes at any level in order to enjoy our life or sort out challenges and this video explains more. have a watch and then think about what you would like to change – big changes or small changes for a purpose. I talk more about the levels below the video so watch it and listen to me talking about the levels for you and myself.


The levels are:

  • Environment
  • Behaviour
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Values and beliefs
  • Identity
  • Purpose

Environment Can you make any changes in your environment? If you do did, how would that affect your life? I have an ongoing tidying challenge which I’m working on as we speak. Unfortunately, one of my clients has just told me that that a high IQ is related to being untidy. (There goes that excuse then). Could you move furnotire, surround yourslef with different people or get yourself a space to reflect and think?

Behaviour Are you behaving in a way that enables you to enjoy yourself?. If not, how can you change that behaviour? Remember that Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results!

Skills and Knowledge What skills do you have that you are not using? What skills do you need to learn to help you to enjoy your life?

Values and beliefs Are you living in line with whats important to you? Do you have empowering beliefs about yourself? A lot of my clients don’t feel good enough or worthy and this is affecting their enjoyment of life. If that’s you – let’s have a chat because it is easily changed.

Identity Who are you? Who do other people think you are? Are you happy with your identity and does it help you to enjoy every minute of your life?

Purpose This is a really big question! What do you feel that  you are on the planet to do? My purpose if to enjoy every minute of my life. When I think about that, a picture of me in my red car with the roof down driving along with great music playing pops into my mind. How about you? What are you here to do and what symbol pops into your mind? A client recently has had a medieval knight pop into his mind-  as he sees himself as on a journey , helping others and being respected and respecting others- a great image and purpose!

The thing is, once you know what your purpose is, you can align yourself to it and it then becomes easier to make the changes so that you enjoy every minute of  your life. If you feel as though you can’t make changes, get in touch for a free 1/2 hour chat. I help people with individual coaching and also with NLP training – a great personal development opportunity.

Until next week-  Make sure you enjoy every moment!

Dr Bridget